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The database contains all the William Branham Message sermons to search instantly to find all instances of one or more words or perhaps a phrase (e.g., 'rapturing faith') from amongst all the printed text of the Message.  You can find the sentences or paragraphs that contain two or more chosen words and with a little practice, you can even do advanced searches using Boolean operators (don't worry, the help file explains what these are!). The results are clearly displayed for you to copy or print with as much of the context as you wish. 

In a 'Message' first, you now also have access to a searchable database of all the text of 19 other significant Message publications that were mainly written during or just after Brother Branham's lifetime, such as A Man Sent From God, The Acts of the Prophet, A Prophet Visits South Africa etc.  You can explore these books easily to find a word or phrase, so later on, when you remember that you read something once and want to read it again, you can find it quickly and with ease.

A separate database of the complete KJ Bible text is included so you can find any Bible verse or words or a phrase quickly.

The database software enables you to search one database at a time or all four together and the software is yours to use on other projects or just to instantly find things on your own computer. 

Microsoft Windows
administrator rights, at least 200 Mb of free disk space and not less then 512 Mb of RAM.