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One evening at an early Branham campaign meeting in Calgary, AB., a little crippled girl came through the prayer line while Donny Branham (a younger brother to William Branham) was standing on the platform to assist the patients as they came forward for prayer. 

The little girl's legs had been crippled by infantile paralysis and she had to use braces to get about.  She had a little box under her arm and when she got to Brother Branham, he looked at her and said, "Darling, what have you got under your arm?"

She said, "I've got a pair of shoes."

He said, "You've got what honey?" 

She said, "I've got a pair of shoes.  I've never been able to walk, but I believe that when you pray for me, God's going to heal me, and I'm going to put on these shoes and walk."

Brother Branham said, "Sweetheart, you go over there to the side of the platform and get a chair and watch the Lord do wonders and as you do, let your little faith build up ….. and when it does sweetheart, then Brother Branham will pray for you and I believe Jesus will heal you."

At this, Donny thought to himself, 'Now isn't that a way to get out of it!  Bill don't want to pray for that little girl, she's so crippled up she can't get well, so he just set her off to one side!"

In those days, many hundreds of people would be in the prayer line and nearly an hour into the line, Donny again thought to himself, 'You know what, Bill's forgotten all about that little girl and the peoples forgot all about her; that's how he's going to get out of it!'

About that time, Brother Branham turned and said to him,  "Oh no Donny, I ain't forgot her and neither has Jesus!  Bring her here!"

He asked, "Honey are you ready?  She said, "I'm ready." 

He replied, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, give me those braces," and he took off the braces and pulled on her crippled legs and aided by a supernatural unseen Hand, they became straight.  She opened her box, put on the shoes and walked down through the auditorium.


Billy Paul Branham - Edmonton (Part Audio Testimony No 6 WBSC and others)

Crippled Girl Supernaturally Healed During Early William Branham Healing Campaign