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Hope Sanchez Testimony - pt 2 

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Hope Sanchez Testimony - pt 1 

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"It’s good to love the Lord, but not that much!"

Such was the advice given by friends but Hope's astonishing testimony is an example of what God can do when we take Him at His Word and serve Him with all our hearts.  Her husband had dragged her into a world of drugs and when she refused to testify against him, she was sentenced to 20 years in the Alderson maximum security Federal Prison Camp for women in West Virginia.  Upon arrival in the prison, she told other inmates that she would be out by Christmas.  They thought she was crazy, but the Lord appeared to her in a dream and showed her how she should make her escape, even giving her a sign when this should take place.  As promised, she was reunited with her young daughters that Christmas Eve: the first person ever to escape the prison.


Sister Hope's testimony had a dramatic effect on those she came in contact with.  While she waited for her husbands release from prison and during his long parole period, many people (including her husband) were moved upon to commit their lives to Christ.  Remarkable healings took place and another chapter in the Book of Acts was written.

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In due time, the Lord called her attention to the promise she had made Him that after she had first raised her children, she would turn herself in to serve the rest of her sentence.  Prominent Ministers of the Gospel strongly advised her against this move, but she honoured her commitment to her Lord and again God moved to not only miraculously arrange her early release, but to also win more souls for Him from within the prison system. 


Hope's journey makes for compelling listening.  The audio quality is less than optimum but we promise you that your perseverance will be well rewarded.