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Miracles Performed and Unfaithfulness Exposed through William Branham's Ministry

On Jan 23, 1950, Pearry Green, along with his parents and family, attended a gospel campaign service at the Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX.  William Branham was to be the principal speaker. 

Pearry was just 16 years of age and the events of that night would change his life in a way he could never have expected.

When Brother Branham came to the platform, his first words to the audience were, "Good evening friends."  It was spoken in such a personal way that Pearry thought he was speaking directly to him.  He raised from his seat eleven rows back and moved up near the pulpit, all the while expecting Brother Branham to have something to say to him personally.

Instead, Brother Branham spoke briefly to the audience and then called the prayer line.

The pulpit was on a platform some four feet above the floor of the auditorium and although there were about 100 sick people nearby on army cots and improvised wheelchairs, Pearry found himself in an ideal position to see all that took place on the platform.

The patients lined up to Brother Branham's right and the first person to come across the platform was a seven year old boy who reportedly had been born blind.  Brother Branham laid his hands on the boy and prayed, "Lord if you were here, you'd suffer little children and you'd pray for them and they'd be healed" and with that, the little boy began to look around as if he could see.

A finger was held up and the boy followed it's movements.  A handkerchief was offered to him and he reached out and took it.  The microphone cord was raised and he stepped over the cord and Pearry began to think, 'Well, that's wonderful, but how do I know the boy was blind?' 

About that time, Brother Branham said "Run back to your Daddy now" and the little boy turned to face the audience of over 10,000 people. 

In the meantime, a man had come forward and was standing right beside Pearry.  He called the boy's name and the little boy ran off the platform and jumped into the man's arms.  The man had on a red necktie and the boy began to play with it.  Tears began to fall from the man's eyes.  Pearry thought, 'If the boy was not blind, then that man sure is a good actor.'  By this time, the little boy had seen the tears and began to touch them with his fingers.  Then he began to touch the man's face with his hands just like a little blind boy would do to identify his Daddy.  Then he threw his arms around his fathers neck. His father started crying as the boy looked over his fathers shoulder right into Pearry's face! 

Pearry Green knew he had seen a miracle and it changed his life.  He had gone to church from nine years of age and seen many sicknesses prayed for but this was the first miracle he had witnessed.  It left him standing there in shock.

The next patient was a young woman in her mid twenty's. She came holding a boy in her arms that had been born with club feet.  He was only 6 years old and couldn't walk because he didn't have any feet.  Brother Branham took the boy in his arms and asked the woman to remove the boy's stockings. Pearry could see he just had stubs for feet.

Brother Branham asked the audience to bow their heads while he prayed.  Pearry bowed his head too, but peered out from beneath his eyebrows to see what would happen.  Evidently he was not the only one to do so because in the middle of his prayer, Brother Branham appeared to drop the child and a gasp went up from the audience.  Pearry watched in awe as he saw two new feet created right in front of his eyes.  He would never forget that moment as long as he lived.

Another young woman came before Brother Branham who then turned and reminded the audience that he had told them that they should repent of their sins and confess them to God to put them under the Blood of Christ before they come to the platform because he would not be responsible for what was said under discernment.  He then turned back to the woman and said "Young lady, you have been unfaithful to your husband!"  

The audience became deathly quiet except for one young man about halfway back in the auditorium.  He screamed and began to run to the platform.  The ushers tried to stop him but Brother Branham said to them, "That's her husband, let him come."  When the man got within 10 feet of the pulpit, Brother Branham said to him, "And what about you and your red headed secretary last Friday night in a motel room?"  The young man stopped in his tracks.

Brother Branham then told them, "You two have not sinned against God, you've sinned against each other.  You have violated your marriage vows.  What you need to do is go round behind that curtain there and apologize to each other; renew your vows and go home and be faithful to each other."


Pearry Green, Tucson Tabernacle, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
(Part Audio Testimony No 40 WBSC)