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William Branham Gives Assurance that Well Water Would be Made Sweet

Roy Roberson was a veteran of WWII and first met William Branham in Jan 1950 in Houston Texas.

Later he built a new home in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the city where Branham Tabernacle was located.  The house site was on the edge of town in an area without city water supplies.

Roy and his wife dug for ground water but to their dismay, when the pump was commissioned, the water was very salty and remained so.  The impurities reacted with the copper pipes in the house so they couldn't use the water at all.
Brother Branham came to visit and as soon as he tasted the water, he said to Roy that they would have to pray about the water because it was not fit to use and something had to be done.  However, he left the matter at that and spoke no more about it before he left their home.

A week or two later, Brother Branham went to Connersville, Indiana, to conduct a healing service and so Roy and his wife and all their friends from the Branham Tabernacle travelled there to attend the service.

The meeting was held in the open on a baseball field because it was summer time.  Roy and his wife got seats in the bleachers about 500 yards from where Brother Branham was but they were able to listen to the service through a loudspeaker system. 

Brother Branham called Sister Roberson out while under discernment and told her that the Light (the Pillar of Fire), was hanging over her head.  He said that she was worried about the well that had been dug at the new house but then assured her, "Don't worry about that well, it'll be alright when you get back home."

The Roberson's returned home to find the water had become, 'as sweet and pure as the water from any well there ever was'.  

Years later and long after they had sold the home,  the new owners confirmed that the well water was still as sweet as ever.  A neighbor's well that had only ever produced water with a heavy sulphur content was still the same and the water in the rest of the neighborhood remained bad too.  The water at the Roberson's former home was the only natural sweet water in the area. 


Roy Roberson, Tucson. AZ (Part Audio Testimony No 46 WBSC)