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The Principles

Of Divine Healing - abbrev

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At the time of her healing he had said "Heavenly Father, if You will heal this dear person, it'll be a "go light" for me to go to Africa," and then committed it to the Lord.  He shows the audience photos of Florence Nightingale before and after her healing.


For the sake of convenience, we have abbreviated the recording of this farewell meeting but if you wish to hear the full service and witness the secrets of the heart being revealed, the bedridden rising to their feet and other sick being healed, you may navigate to the Alphabetical Sermon Index and then click on the link the sermon "The Principles Of Divine Healing" 51-0923 and either listen to or download a copy of the service.

Present in person were;


Mrs Georgie Carter
Bedridden 9 years 8 months from TB and weighing 35 lbs.  Mr George Wright who had been party to the case was also present.


Mrs. Weaver
Given one day to live with cancer - represented by her sister who confirmed the testimony.


Mrs Margie Morgan
A nurse who had been near death with cancer.


Congressman William D Upshaw
66 years a cripple before being instantly healed.  He gives a short address to the audience.


Mr William Hall
This man was Pastor of the Milltown Baptist Church, Kentucky and had recently been near death with cancer of the liver before being healed - his doctor is also present.


Brother Branham also mentions how King George of England had asked him to pray that he might be healed of multiple sclerosis and goes on to refer to the Clark Memorial bridge and the vision he had seen thirteen years before it was built when he saw 16 men lose their lives after a span collapsed during construction and fell into the river.  Present was his mother and family and many other local citizens to witness to the truth of this testimony as well as his reference to the public appearance of the Pillar of Fire over the Ohio River on June 11, 1933 while he was baptising converts.  At that time a Voice had told him "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, your Message will forerun the second coming of Christ."  He also makes reference to the appearance of the Pillar of Fire when It was authentically photographed before thousands of people during a meeting at Houston Texas on January 24, 1950 and which today is held in the Library of Congress, Washington DC.

In the Mouth of Two or three Witnesses,

Let Every Word be Established.

On the evening of Sunday, September 23, 1951, a large crowd of family, friends, church members and local well-wishers gathered in the gymnasium of Jeffersonville High School to farewell William Branham on his departure for South Africa. Present were many of those people he often speaks of who had been miraculously healed during his early ministry.  He describes their healings in detail and asks them to publically confirm that each case was so.


Included is the story of Miss Florence Nightingale, great granddaughter of the founder of the Red Cross, who had become so thin from cancer, that the skin on either side of each ring (the Obturator foramen) in her pelvis had grown together.