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©  Copyright 2010-18  The Midnight Cry  All rights reserved

©  Copyright 2010-23  The Midnight Cry  All rights reserved


The build of the Memory Stick (Flash Drive) that contains the William Branham Storehouse Collection is robust and can be expected to survive regular handling procedures during transit to arrive at the intended destination in good working order. Shipment will normally take place on the next business day following clearance of your payment.  We will let you know by email when this has been done. 


Normal postage times vary and will typically range between 5 and 10 working days.  


Unless otherwise requested by the purchaser, we deliver by untracked international post at risk to the purchaser to ensure that our freight inclusive price remains as low as possible.


We reserve the right to withhold delivery if we believe (at our sole discretion) payment may be dishonoured due to credit card / internet fraud or the like if we suspect default or fraud.


We also reserve the right to refund the purchase price (and any delivery charge) rather than send or resend an item in the instance where in our sole opinion, the destination is unreliable and / or unsafe to our agent’s personnel and / or property for whatever reason. 


We further reserve the right to deny supply to any purchaser, if in our sole opinion, the supply of any item could result in harm to the Midnight Cry Group or its members, employees or contractors.