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Deep Calleth to the Deep -  William Branham -  324 Mb

This film made on  June 24, 1954 at Washington DC reveals the simplicity of the faith and trust that brings an answer to prayer.  Again God anoints Brother Branham's unerring Gift of Discernment to raise the faith of the audience as the secrets of hearts are revealed. Many healings take place including a cancerous growth on the neck of the first patient in the prayer line which instantly disappears in clear view of the audience.

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Interview August 1953 - William Branham - 39.2 Mb

In this poignant interview, William Branham tells how the Angel met him in 1946 and commissioned him to take a Gift of Divine Healing to the world.  It was this visitation which began the world wide Divine Healing revival that lasted for nearly a decade.  

Chicago Campaign - William Branham

- 16.4 Mb

This film shows Brother Branham's unerring Gift of Discernment wonderfully in action. It was first manifested on October 1949 in Queen City, Regina, Canada and never once failed over the ten’s of thousands of cases in which it was used.  He told us it was the last sign the Church would receive before judgement strikes this disbelieving world. 

Home film footage aside, only three professionally made films of significant length

were taken of Brother Branham. The longest of these was entitled "Deep Calleth to the Deep" and all

are included within the Storehouse DVD Collection along with privately made films and several slide shows. 



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