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Former Pastor, Tucson Tabernacle, North Stone Avenue, Tucson Arizona
For we cannot but speak the things
 which we have seen and heard.  Acts 4:20

A survey of Bible history and the sacred text, will reveal that God has used individuals with widely differing personalities and circumstances to give witness to His Word and to execute the portion of His Plan of Salvation allotted to each passing generation.  Whether these individuals were public leaders or called to fulfil less visible roles, they each helped preserve and contribute to the richness of the Gospel message of hope that we cherish today.


The parts they played were not of their own choosing and neither were all their words infallible or their characters unblemished.  Today their behavior might even offend our ideas of what we believe to be consistent with Christian character but each was trained and equipped to carry out a function that only they could contribute and which was foreordained long before they were born.  We may find ourselves wondering how they lived their lives or accomplished the things they did under circumstances that were often extenuating and quite different to what we experience today.


Pearry Lee Green was born July 1, 1933, the son of a man who was in the logging business and who later turned drilling superintendent/oil field trouble shooter. His work required him to relocate his family very often: in fact the family lived in 35 different houses before Pearry had started school and over the next 12 years, he changed schools 48 times.


With every relocation, Pearry was exposed to new situations and the need to make new friends both socially and at school. He became so used to encountering strangers that he no longer made such a distinction and throughout his life, he was able to converse with those he had never met as easily as he could with friends. 


With the wisdom of hindsight, we can see that from an early age, God was equipping him with the experience and life skills that would one day enable him to fulfill a role that no living person could have imagined or scripted for him. Read more …..


The events of Pearry Green's life were ordered in a way that he was exposed to the Ministry of William Branham at an early age when he found himself close at hand to witness the miraculous healing of a young child. This was an experience that deeply affected him for the rest of his life. In a moment of time, God updated Himself to the young man so that he could know by personal experience that the God of the Bible was still willing and able to keep all of His promises.


in due time, Brother Green came into personal contact with Brother Branham and as their relationship depended, the day came when he was able to recognize that in William Branham, a man of our times had been raised up to be a prophet to the nations at the close of Gentile world history. 


Following Brother Branham's passing in December 1965, Brother Green's natural abilities, life skills and the increasing amount of time he had found himself spending with Brother Branham, equipped him to play a unique and vital role in the introduction of the latters Ministry and Message to over 135 countries.


The following is far from an exhaustive list, but by Brother Pearry's own account, he was the last Minister to be ordained by Brother Branham, the last to serve him communion and the last preacher that Brother Branham heard preach.


He was also the first believer to arrive on the scene of the accident near Friona, Texas that resulted in Brother Branham’s departure from this life and he was the first person to see him when he regained consciousness after the accident.


He was also the first believer to know that Brother Branham had left this life and on the request of the family, he was the person that arranged and accompanied him to the funeral home in Jeffersonville Indiana.  He became the last person to touch or view Brother Branham’s earthly remains. 


In sharing his testimony of what he had seen and heard in the life and Ministry of William Branham, Brother Green travelled over 3 million miles and devoted his life to telling the world that God sent a mighty prophet to our generation with a Message to prepare Christ’s living Bride to meet her soon coming Lord and Saviour. 


Brother Green readily confessed that the privilege of being a witness to the remarkable events that he had been exposed to made him no greater or more important than anyone else, but rather that they made him more responsible to see that what he had experienced was made freely available to as many people as possible.


Pearry Lee Green fought a good fight and kept the faith until he was called beyond the curtain of time to his great reward in the early morning of Thursday, August 20, 2015.


You may view Brother Green's Memorial Service video at the link below.


In Memory of Brother Pearry Green - 1933 - 2015


The following material is made available for you to download or view/listen to online in the earnest hope that you too may be blessed by Brother Pearry Green’s unselfish desire to be a faithful witness to all he saw God do in the life of Brother William Branham while fulfilling Brother Branham admonition that he keep his balance in the Scriptures.

Audio Testimonies


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Bro. William's Branham's Car Accident - 92 Min. 43.5 Mb Mp3

As the first of the people who followed Brother Branham’s Message to arrive at the scene of the accident, Brother Green travelled on to the hospital where the accident victims had been taken. He remained there to assist the family until asked to accompany Brother Branham’s body to Jeffersonville, Indiana.  This is a defining and moving account of a tragedy that was deeply felt by thousands of people around the world.

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Selected Sermons


Selected sermons containing teaching and Brother Green’s Personal

Testimonies are available here.

Written Testimonies


Testimony 2008

Beginning with the miracles he witnessed during the first Branham meeting he attended, and continuing with an account of how his life became intertwined with the Message and the Messenger, Brother Green gives a brief overview of how these events changed the course of his life.



The Acts of The Prophet

Originally delivered as a series of sermons, each chapter deals with a specific topic pertaining to Brother William Branham’s life and Ministry from a perspective and insight that reflects Brother Green's close association with William Branham.

Bro. Green's Personal Testimony - 1933 to 1965 - 83 Min. 39 Mb Mp3


A concise, yet detailed overview of Brother Green’s childhood, upbringing and the course of his early adult life, leading to his close acquaintance with Brother William Branham until the latter’s passing in 1965.

The Certainty Of An Eyewitness - 132 Min. 62 Mb Mp3     

The Scriptures record the testimonies of a great cloud of witnesses to the things that God has done in past ages.  We should not think it strange that He would have witnesses to the mighty things that He has done in our day.

Testimony - Tennessee Pt 1 - 148 Min. 69.5 Mb Mp3

With the wisdom of hindsight, we can see that from a young age, Brother Green was called to preach the Gospel and further, that his life was ordered in such a way as to prepare him to introduce Brother William Branham’s Ministry to the peoples of the world. This account was given at Happy Valley Church, Johnson City, Tennessee in 2002.

Testimony - Tennessee Pt 2 - 142 Min. 66.5 Mb Mp3

This is the completion of Brother Green’s account of his involvement with Brother Branham’s Ministry and Message and the role he fulfilled to share what God has done in our day.  Happy Valley Church, Johnson City, Tennessee 2002.

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Tour of the Sunset Camp Area - Dec 23 2003 - 265 Mb

The Sunset Camp area is located a little south of Klondyke, Arizona and is near the location where in 1963,  Angels met with Brother William Braham in the presence of witnesses and gave him a commission to return to his Church in Jeffersonville to preach the revelation of the Seven Seals as referred to in the Book of Revelation.  In this video, Brother Green recounts these and other events that took place in the vicinity of the campsite and points out the unmistakeable profile of Brother Branham that time has allowed the weather to etch into the end of a bluff that adjoins the campsite. 


Video Testimonies


An Eye Witness Testimony - Pt 1 Apr 9 2002 - 321 Mb

No one could have scripted the path that Brother Green’s life would take or the encounters he would have with William Branham or the role that he was to have to share these experiences with peoples around the world.  Here he tells of his life's remarkable journey with both clarity and humor.  Delivered at Cloverdale Bibleway,  Surrey, British Columbia.

An Eye Witness Testimony - Pt 2 Apr 10 2002 - 337 Mb

Brother Green continues relating his encounters with Brother William Branham and the many unique experiences that came his way which finally culminated with a burden and responsibility being placed upon his own heart that he devote his life to being a faithful witness to share all that he had seen and heard wherever and with whomsoever the Lord would lead him to.

Slide Presentation about William Branham - 331 Mb

Few of the remarkable happenings that took place during Brother Branham’s life and Ministry were captured on movie film, but many hundreds of still photographs exist that attest to these events as well as to the hunting and fishing trips that he often referred to during his sermons. Those who spent time with him were invariably affected by these encounters with the result that we are fortunate today to have many of their testimonies captured by photographic means.  On this video presentation of slides and movie film footage that he has in his possession, Brother Green, adds his unique knowledge and insight to leave the viewer in no doubt that truly God visited this generation in the life of a mighty prophet.